Percival Landing Makeover

The city has found some starting money to revamp Percival Landing. All in all they are talking about an 18 million dollar project. I want to see Percival Landing stay operational, but I must admit, hearing those kind of numbers makes me a little queasy.
I just keep thinking, man, just $3 million could put down payments on 60 houses for low-income families. Or that $18 million could be used towards making Budd Inlet a liveable habitat for fish and people. Maybe rotten docks would be sort of cool...
There is just so much money available for building projects, and so little for human need...Or fish need. It makes me feel hopeless.
Even I am tired of hearing myself talk about this. And I know that I know nothing about how these things work, and you can't just take money out of one pot and put in another. But I still keep thinking it whenever I hear about these sort of projects. It just seems so decadent and wrong to spend money this way in this day and age. They say there won't even be a downtown in 30 years if we don't stop global warming. Maybe we should spend our boardwalk revival money on keeping Percival Landing on land...
I guess if we move forward with this thing, my one request is that they make one of those parking lots or green patches into a town pool. If they refuse to clean up the Sound, they could just throw us that one bone. Its getting hot here.


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