What Olympia Needs is a bit of Mayo

What Olympia needs is a community needs based downtown which also supports business. Take a look at Rochester, MN. The heart of downtown Rochester isn't business, although business certainly thrives there...the heart of downtown Rochester, MN is The Mayo Clinic which serves the entire community with world class healthcare. Tourism? You better believe it...people from all over the world travel to Mayo. Compassion? Of course! It would be difficult for a community to develop a reputation for world class healthcare without having also the reputation of a very big heart. The Mayo Clinic has a reputation for offering services free to those who can't afford them. Want to get people off the streets? Put them in an environment teaming with healthcare professionals educating their community about how to take care of themselves and providing necessary support services to back up that educational approach.

Olympia needs to draw tourists with a service that both community and tourists. Excellent healthcare is the way to go. Make downtown a health-based community center and business will flourish because who doesn't want excellent healthcare? May o has facilities in Florida and Arizona...maybe Olympia should invite The Mayo Clinic to set up a branch here...it could specialize in naturopathic meds and research. You never know...they might jump at the chance. It doesn't hurt to try, right?


Blogger Aerick Duckhugger said...

At first I thought you were saying Olympia needs mayo as in mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise! Olympia definitely needs it's own brand of mayonnaise!

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