I have never really used the word "permaculture" before. I always used to think of permaculture as being one certain type of thing- trends like cob building and composting toilets. It was only recently that I realized permaculture is about everything that I think and write about. Common sense solutions, win-win situations, workability, and social harmony are all qualities of permaculture.

So my new thing is permaculture websites. I'm not embarrassed about that.

This one had this cool little map of what "permatopia" would look like. I don't really believe in utopias. Things in real life are messier and more complicated than all that. And if there is one thing that I have learned from living and working with people, its that there are many ways of doing things and its seldom you find a group of people who agree on even the most basic of things. So I don't really believe that this little chart is the key to saving the world. But I think ideas like some of these may catch on and save the world little by little.


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