Nazis Seek Speakers/Opposition for their Website

I've been dropping in on the National Socialist website more than I really want to since I made that post a few days ago.
It is a testament to the power of mere words. I mean its hard to look at that kind of stuff. I feel completely horrified, sick to my stomach, etc. And afraid. However unlikely, I am afraid that something horrible will happen in our town. I'm afraid that some wingnut will want to hurt me and my family.
They like to boast a lot about how much they scare people. In one part of their site they describe showing up at a Unity in the Community meeting:

"Justin first noticed the look of sheer terror on the faces of the commie scum. Their eyes bulged as they wondered if they were finally going to get the ass-kicking so richly earned. Of course, the NSM didn't show up to give anyone a boot party. We only retaliate legally by excerising our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
Sarah, the leftist leader from Oly Unity, jumped up quickly to shake Justin's hand. Justin said: "It was a weak handshake and she was trembling in fear.
"... Justin then told scared Sarah that the racialists will be outside waiting. The meeting soon fell apart and they accomplished nothing. Some brave soul from the meeting walked outside to talk to justin. Justin said we will be back every month to hang with your gang regardless."

There seems to really be only one local Nazi, if that. The rest of the little handful that showed up to their rally are outsiders. Apparently the NSM has identified Olympia as being an area lacking in Nazi activity, so they are coming here to organize posing as regular local citizens.
On their website, however, you will see a growing list of "NSM haters", and "Pro-Communist Hate Groups" which includes many authentic local names of people who live here, and have lived here for years. It also has groups that have actual members and live meetings. If you send them an e-mail, they will be more than happy to add you or your group to this list. You may or may not get a lot of hate e-mail and Nazi traffic to your website. Of course, you might also get harrassed in real life. I haven't really found out yet.
They also have a section of their site dedicated to organizing the upcoming July rally in Olympia.
"We are creating a speakers list. We need all patriots who would like to speak email: Mindfelon@yahoo.com"
They said it, not me. If you feel you fit into this category, please e-mail them and let them know you would like to speak at the rally!
I'm scared. You know what feels great? Being afraid, and not being stopped.


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