Urban layers, The Rockford Files and the Beach Boys

I was going to post this at Olyblog, but they seem to be having some major server issues, maybe they are under attack, I don't know. Any way it is called:
Urban layers, The Rockford Files and the Beach Boys and it goes a little like this:
It seems that I become involved with the local Urban Layers group here in Olympia (thank you Jade). I get in trouble when I start thinking, but thinking is what I've been doing. The urban layers concept is an easy one to describe, from their own website they say "What We Have In Mind: A collectively run mall in downtown Olympia housing local businesses and services that will fill social and economic gaps and bring more vitality to the downtown area." What a concept, right up my alley.

And I've been thinking about the Port of Olympia and what an absolute waste of space, time and money it is. So I'm thinking, like a lot of people have been thinking, that the port stop being a port and become a part of downtown, albeit the northern reach. What a location for the Urban Layer. What a location for a new Olympia library. What a location for the artesian well. What a location for a trailer park.

Huh? Trailer Park

I know that trailer parks have been given a bum rap in the past. I have often been known to make trailer parks and their residents the butts of my jokes. But then I started thinking. I don't watch much TV but I remembered the old Rockford files and the trailer on the beach where James Garner lived in the show. Turns out is a real place and a way cool place. A recent article on Paradise Cove can be found at:


Give the article a read and see how such a place could fit in what I hope is the reclaimed Port of Olympia. Imagine a snug little community of Olympians and their spin on such a place. Single wide trailers are going for a song these days as most trailer parks no longer accept them. You can own your onwn living space for the cost of hauling it away in some instances. Provide the park with the necessary public spaces and amenities and we have a way cool place with housing for the less affluent members of our community in a terrific setting. We should alway reserve some of our best places for those that occupy the lowest rungs of our society. You figure out how the Beach Boys fit in.

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Anonymous Machete Red (Meta) said...

With all the recent buzz about privatizing the Port of Olympia, I think we have a decent shot at truly intentional development. What do I mean? If we open up the entire Port property for private or semiprivate ownership, or a land trust or something, we can build from the ground up. Square one. Start visioning now. What do you want to see on that property? Pretend that the Port Commission, in their last act, is giving away the land... what is your vision for this area?

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