Why Not Tables?

[Bumped to the top by Rick -- overlooked during Port action]

I am thinking it would be great to have some permenent tables in Sylvester Park. In many parks in New York you will find the ubiquitous chess tables. They bring various gamers to the park and are quite popular. Depending on the neighborhood they are populated with chess players, checker players, or in Latino neighborhoods, domino players. I'm sure Olympia would give its own particular spin to this. Lappy users come to mind, not to mention coffee drinkers.

I guess what I'm saying is that the park needs a variety of seating opportunities and uses. To be sure, it is great to have the grass and benches, but the tables would increase the park's attractiveness and utility. The greater the seating opportunites the greater the use of the space. Sylvester park is far from being the kind of public space it should be.

I am certain there are other features that could be installed in Sylvester Park that would increase its utility. I personally would like to see some food vendor carts and opportunities for street musicians. There should be dancing in the streets, if not in the park.

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