The New Manium

The Manium is going under a very expensive remodel. It will have a 500 person capacity. If I understand correctly, its going to be an all-ages venue with a bar. (Cool.)

My predictions:
  • Is its going to be the next Bar Code/Thekla/Transit Center/Mario's. The Olympian and the city and everyone is going to be majorly up in arms about allowing teenagers into a place that has drinking. They will try to shut it down.
  • It will still be black.
The other news about it is that the management will do all the booking. This is the part that kind of sucks in my opinion.
I actually like the idea of having a bigger venue in Olympia. I think a lot of bigger bands would be happy to play here, but don't because there aren't many places to play. And I don't think it would compete with the local, smaller bands. In fact, it could create opportunities for them to play for more people. Not all change is bad. But I don't like that they do all the booking! I don't like it when people try to be professional concert promoters in Olympia. I think its dumb, and it takes away from the great collaborative, artsy, DIY spirit that Olympia has. If you want to be slick and make money booking shows, move to Los Angeles or something.
Does anyone remember Sunnyside Productions? Ten bucks per show. Exclusively mediocre bands from Seattle. The only people who showed up were middle class high school kids. Lame.
So, anyway. I think the new Manium is a mixed bag, but I am looking forward to watching the saga unfold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good, another place Fort Lewis thugs can patronize. I can't be the only one sickened by their recent forrays into our little town. I guess there are insurgents down here for them to root out.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

Most places in Olympia aren't frequented by soldiers because they don't accept military ID. The reason that I have heard cited as to why is that "the soldiers cause too much trouble". Last I heard, the Vault was the only establishment in town that accepts military ID. I'm not sure that I agree with the idea of discriminating against a group of people this way, but since it is the status quo in Olympia, I imagine the Manium will be the same story.I guess we can all continue enjoying our little progressive oasis.

7:39 PM  
Blogger wolvesinthethroneroom said...

Jade. Its Nathan Weaver. Remember me? Mayday, Options etc. I am the manager at Manium and have been since it opened. I have to say that everything in your post is completely inaccurate. Devin True style professional promoting? Another Bar Code? $500 person capacity? We are doing all the booking? This is all news to me…. I hope you know that I’d never be involved with such lameness.
I would just write you and explain further but I cant figure out how to do that on this weird website.
But for the record everything you said is totally not true. If you want to call me please feel free, I don’t want to leave my phone # on here thought… but I’m sure some one you know has it. My email is wolvesinthethroneroom@hotmail.com

6:10 AM  

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