Residents of New Orleans protest in a neighborhood of affluence the city's move to turn low-income housing into mixed-income housing. Many of the already poor people of New Orleans lost everything in the hurricane. They are in danger of being gentrified out of the urban area during reconstruction.


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More people need to understand this. The poor are being relocated everywhere. New Orleans is a particularly disturbing example, but this is going on in all urban areas. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The urban areas are becoming suburbanized. The poor will be relocated to the far flung suburbs that are in the process of decay, most houses built in the last 30 years are only designed to last 30 years. The far flung suburbs are no longer desireable to those that lived there. Commutes and gas prices are making those people rethink things. The urban areas will be reclaimed by the affluent, but it will not be anything but a sham of an urban area. Meanwhile the poor will be isolated in the sticks with high gas prices and no public transportation. Pretty much like the affluent want it.

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