South Central Urban Farm

44 people were arrested yesterday at South Central Urban Farm, the largest urban farm in the country. They were obstructing the crews that had arrived to bulldoze the farm for development. Over 300 Los Angeles residents farm this 14-acre green in the middle of one of the most sprawling concrete places on earth. In this city, breathable air and fresh produce can be expensive to come by. For the residents of South Central, this farm is more than a beloved neighborhood attraction. It is the fruit of their hard work, and the source of their family's sustainance. The sign in the picture reads "Destroy the Farm, Destroy our Humanity". It is clear from the pictures of the rally- women sobbing as the bulldozers converged, young people standing a few feet in front of the city's cherry picker, people being dragged away screaming from their plots-the sign does not sensationalize-this resource is truly precious to this neighborhood.


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