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I am deferring to Machete Red this week. In her comments about the Port, she wrote this:

If we open up the entire Port property for private or semiprivate ownership, or a land trust or something, we can build from the ground up. Square one. Start visioning now. What do you want to see on that property? Pretend that the Port Commission, in their last act, is giving away the land... what is your vision for this area?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without a doubt I would like to see some land on the port devoted to my vision of a "Paradise Cove" trailer park in a scenic part of the port. It would be a fairly inexpensive project if the land were set aside for it. Let's say enough space was set aside to provide lots for 50 mobile homes. Really only a modest amount of site preparation would be required. Electrical, sewer, and phone, a bit of concrete work for the site pads. It would be a carless community. Parking for those with cars would be outside the site. The site rents would be the cost of the site preparation amortized over say 30 years and would be rent controlled. Given that single wide trailers are going for a song, perhaps Tulip credit union could make small loans to persons wishing to purchase mobiles to put on the site. I think providing 50 low cost housing opportunities would be a terrific use of the land. I also envision perhaps a community building there and perhaps a number of small workshops and studios to provide places for people to work and perhaps generate some incomes for themselves. The community would be self governing. New residents will be at the approval of the community. Trailers can be sold to new comers but the price can't reflect the actual worth of the location. Potentially the site could be extremely valuable and I don't want to see people exploit the fact they have secured a position in the community to generate a wind fall profit. If a person purchased a trailer for $1000 he or she couldn't sell it, along with rights to the site, 5 years later for $100,000. Again, put the site on the most desireable part of the port. Invite the poorest of the community to live there and become part of the community. Let the fat cat drool over what these people have, and deserve.

Just my two cents.

Crenshaw Sepulveda

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Machete Red said...

Amen brother. The one glitch at this point, according to those who make these things easier (cp&d), is that mobile homes are not safe. Perhaps we could revolutionize that while we're at it? Design a cheaper, green-built, non-fire-hazard type mobile home. It's worth crunching on.

4:13 PM  

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