The Olympia Way

It should be no secret to anyone that I love Olympia. I also want it to become a better place. I will harp on the issue of Olympia becoming more inclusive and more empowering until my dying breath. I am a simple person, generally driven by this concept. I make no allusions that I know everything, nor am I stubborn about looking at issues from other sides. But I am dead set on Olympia becoming more inclusive and empowering.

What I like so much about Olympia is that it is not like any other place I have experienced. I have lived in a great many of the great cities this country has and visited even a greater number of them. This is no better choice for me than Olympia. There are other places I could be happy, to be sure, but no place I have a greater respect for, or affection for.

We see places around our country or world and wonder should not Olympia have this or that. Indeed, there are many things that would be interesting to have in Olympia. The thing is that Olympia has her own way. I do not see her doing things because it is cool in Santa Cruz or Providence or Timbuktu. I see her doing things because they are inclusive and because they are empowering. I will bring ideas to the table that may have their origins in cool places, you can count on me for that, but in the end nothing matters unless the ideas are inclusive and empowering.

Olympia has her own way. Can not always pin her down. In the end she will be like nothing else and she will always stuggle to be only who she is.


Anonymous Machete Red said...

I brought up the Paradise Cover plan at the Dream the Dream forum today. It was well-received, except for the incisive criticism that mobile homes can be fire-traps. It sounds like it'll have to be rent-controlled luxury apartments. Damn.

10:26 PM  

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