First they came for the...

I agree completely that the "issues" disguise the real issue which is some kind of culture war against folks who haven't bought into the "get a job" world. Because I value creativity and think the "get a job" world tolerates creativity at best, and stifles it at worst, I value the folks who are stepping out and really living in the world. I don't care if they are homeless or mentally ill or running from abusive families or some kind of street genius, I can share the sidewalk and the downtown and the whole planet with them. If I have to step over their stuff or step around their legs, that's ok. Lots of the people live in very crowded conditions on this planet, like nothing we would imagine, and yet we are offended if we have to share the sidewalk with somebody who needs to sit down for a bit.

I am not a button down type. I look folks in the eye, smile often at the kids with their piercings and tatoos and crazy haircuts and I feel at home with the people downtown. I suppose I could walk around Dupont, but I don't think I would find it very interesting. I don't think it would feed my soul and help me feel like part of a community like downtown Oly does.

I feel a certain fascism goose-stepping out in the world and it usually starts by trying to get rid of the Jews, the homosexuals, the perverts etc. I am working with two Jews and so far they have been making it to work and not experiencing much trouble, though I think they are feeling a little worried. I am keeping in touch with my homosexual friends and they are still all accounted for so far. I plan to stand up for or sit down with the weird folks who frequent the downtown. I enjoy their company and I know that when they are all gone, the knock will be coming to my door next.


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