An Accidental Downtown Olympia

I often find myself wandering around flickr.com. In this particular instance I was looking for tags of: Downtown Olympia. Pretty much the usual pictures came up, the lovers statue, Procession of the Species pictures. And I stumbled upon this picture. It was a dream. It was not downtown Olympia Washington, it was downtown Olympia Greece. But it is my vision of downtown Olympia.

People living right downtown, life on the streets of all kinds. The smallest pushcart operator to the largest retailer. Sidewalk cafes, benches and improvised seating. The balconies above the stores are great. You can see that this is a downtown that works. Sure it is a little moth eaten around the edges, but even in the picture you see it has life. There is no disconnect between the street and the life.

This is what this town needs. It was not supposed to be part of my research, but it showed up anyway. What really amazed me about the picture was that I thought I was actually looking a a picture of Olympia Washington at first. I didn't quite recognize the area or the era, but then it occurred to me that it was not our town, still something about it seemed so right.

A larger version of the picture, way bigger can be found at: http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=88669854&size=l


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful image of downtown living. I've been telling friends (who say they are listening) that Olympia downtown could be so colorful. My vision was more like a tiney Tokyo at nite: brite colored neon signs, scooters zooming around, local food vendors open late selling cheap food (can you say grilled salmon and mango tacos?), maybe some shops selling sunglasses or used clothing. Of course, all those one story buildings will need a 2nd and 3rd level of desirable style living spaces, maybe energy efficient apartments or boarding house living. We also need an inpatient treatment center downtown to help the homeless. If you want to invest in a secret electric car business, email me at waarehouse@yahoo.com

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