A Call for Visions

As you may have noticed, I have been dragging up and reposting a lot of comments from folks on Olyblog about the proposed downtown ordinances and the community conversation about downtown.

This issue is so central, and the visions that are coming out of the conversation are exactly what I had in mind when starting What This Town Needs. I can't help but to post all these ideas.

I would like to invite others who have visions for downtown, or comments about this issue to post them on What This Town Needs. Of course, I am not posting everything. WTTN has a certain philosophy and vision for Olympia, so I am interested in comments that are mostly in line with this philosophy. I have certainly posted other people's comments that I don't agree with 100%, but it should essentially be ideas that are, in Crenshaw Sepulveda's words "inclusive and empowering".

If you have differing opinions, Olyblog is set up to be a community forum, so I would encourage you to post there, or feel free to comment on posts here that you disagree with. I publish all comments except those that are crude or threatening, or contain personal information about others.


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