Human Feces: Olympia's WMD's?

By the way, (take note, Olympian reporters) this picture was not taken in downtown Olympia. It came from the website http://madeyouthink.org, where you can order these George Bush poo flags for the price of a self-addressed stamped envelope. Thousands have been planted worldwide, even puzzling German Police , who were apparently unaware of the website, and may still be searching for "the culprit".
I don't know if the makers of the website endorse participants creating their own piles to plant the flags in. I'm fairly certain that the Bush Administration and the Olympia City Council do not. What This Town Needs is united with them on this particular issue.
There are as many piles of human doo doo in downtown as there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Let's not create a problem where there isn't one...Um. Yeah.


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