Brave Drew

I wrote a sort of convoluted and silly post last night at like 2:00 am on Olyblog suggesting that Drew Hendricks be elected Port Commissioner, and implying that no one else in town is quite geeky enough for the job. If you don't know Drew, he is a local citizen who moniters Olympia police activities, as well as being involved in a lot of other community issues. He is detail-oriented and full of amazing conspiracy theories that are usually true. I value him as a member of my community. He'd make a great Commissioner, though in all seriousness I think he probably gets more done as an activist. I did not know what he was up to last night.
An hour after I posted this, he was arrested on Port Property for trying to close the gate and stop a military convoy from entering to ship weapons to Iraq. Every person in this town should be down at the Port doing this in the next couple days. I really believe that these types of actions are pretty much the only area where we have power to stop the war in these times.
He is being held on charges of 2nd degree burglary. This is a class B felony and carries up to a 10 year sentence and $20,000 fine. Please show up to his hearing this afternoon at Courtroom 3, Building 3, at 3:30 pm and show your support.


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