The New Manium (Update)

I recieved this comment from wolvesinthethroneroom:

Jade. Its Nathan Weaver. Remember me? Mayday, Options etc. I am the manager at Manium and have been since it opened. I have to say that everything in your post is completely inaccurate. Devin True style professional promoting? Another Bar Code? $500 person capacity? We are doing all the booking? This is all news to me…. I hope you know that I’d never be involved with such lameness.
I would just write you and explain further but I cant figure out how to do that on this weird website.
But for the record everything you said is totally not true. If you want to call me please feel free...

Wow, I feel like a real asshole. Maybe I should spend more time listening to people I know in real life rather than copying and pasting every stupid rumor I read on MySpace and commenting on it. Apologies to the Manium, (old and new) and my friend Nathan Weaver who I've known since I was seven.


Blogger Phil said...

It's okay, Jade. We all get to be assholes sometimes. I think you recently caught me in my prime "assholeness". Thanks for being honest, and keeping the rest of us honest...

11:28 AM  

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