Sanitizing Olympia

Does anyone think Olympia is getting a little too sanitary? I do. I fear the community is getting a little obsessive compulsive about trash and bad influences and transforming the town into a role model for the entire state. Someone mentioned the Farmer's Market, and I had to agree. I am in and out of the market in a flash where I used to linger. They don't allow dogs. They don't allow smoking. Most of the tables are square in the sun. People push and shove or walk like snails and I don't like crowds. Many of the prices are jacked up and they are lacking in diversity for local homemade things at reasonable prices. I'm not sure why, but I think the boothes are too expensive. Consequently, the supply is restricted and doesn't fully feature the community's wares or artisans.

Art is a luxury I choose to afford when I can. But I tend to frequent Earth Magic, the cooperative gallery near the lake or local Natives that I know. I have my own hotlines. Antiques are another love but I buy those mostly in Centralia. Olympia is too expensive and the stuff is more filtered for affluent collecting. I like plain old stuff without a lot of value. I like business owners who bargain a little when I buy gifts. I have a jewelry lady in Centralia that I've used for three pair of special earrings. She always knocks down the price and I keep coming back. I will go there again for a wedding ring for my husband to be. Olympia lacks a lot of choices and I personally hate malls.

Everyone talks about Sylvester Park. I love the park but there aren't enough benches in the shade. And I know in the past that the police chase people off. That bothers me and I feel odd being there, like I am disloyal to my less affuent friends. I don't frequent any establishment that sanitizes people. I do go to the park because they have water for the dog. But I sit under shade trees and leave the few benches to couples, the elderly, and homeless needing a nap.


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