Nazi Rally Surreal

 If you didn't make it to Monday's National Socialist Movement white power rally in Olympia, you missed out on a surreal experience. The rally was advertised on the NSM website as being a HUGE all West Coast nazi meet-up. They boasted a sound system that would be heard in Tacoma. The picture above literally shows what the scene was like. A dozen nazis in full WW2 regalia, awkwardly adjusting their formation and whispering to one another, surrounded by a barricade built for them by the state, 150 
feet of "protective" space, and 275 state troopers in riot gear guarding them. What you can't see in the photo are the several hundred counter-protesters. Scary people. Sunhats, batiked dresses, percussion instruments, pictures of Ghandi, clowns. I would have wanted riot police too.
The clowns seemed almost superfluous, as the nazis did such a good job of mocking themselves. It turned out their sound system could not be heard in Tacoma. In fact it could scarcely be heard over the counter-protest's kazoo band.
Not only did they convince the state that they needed this excessive show of security, but they also were furnished with private public transportation. Did you know such a thing existed? Neither did we, but apparently it does for white supremacists!
And as critical as I am about the taxpayer expense of private buses to and from the Washington state capital for a dozen fringe extremists, I wonder if it might not be a good strategy for getting better public transportation in this town. Could we, for instance, call Intercity Transit and say: "I am going to be going to the Brotherhood Tavern on monday for the Tune Stranglers show. I will be carrying a large swastika flag. Do you think you could arrange a ride for me? And 
maybe some armed escorts as well?"
After all, its tough being a white supremacist. People are always trampling all over your rights just because you believe in genocide and aryan world domination. White guys need a lot of protection in this cruel world.
What was almost as unexpected as the incredible government indulgence of this event was the way the neonazis talked. I was entirely unprepared for this aspect. They used their eeeeviiilest super villian voices. They screamed growlingly into the microphone(think 70's demonic movies) things like,  "Cowards! Cowards! Cowards! We are recruiting thousands of white youth! Our army is growing! We will take this city, this state, this world!" Wa ha ha ha ha. Very strange.
They were so theatrical that I thought they must be engaged in some kind of bizarre 
performance art. The only one that was at all believable as a real neonazi was Justin Boyer. He 
didn't use some silly voice, he just looked scared sh*tless. I actually felt bad for him. I am not saying that just to insult him. It was already pretty pitiful with the 12 of them and the riot police and all, but when Justin started to speak, all shifting and stuttering, it was so uncomfortable that even the counter-protesters got kind of quiet.
The entire rally was basically an embarrassment to the Nazis, the state of Washington government, and every Olympia local who witnessed it.
I think it might have been a lot better on LSD, though.
On Tuesday, the NSM was asked by a reporter about how they felt about the huge show of opposition to their cause by the Olympia community. They merely stated, "We'll get you next time, Olympia!!!!!!" as they roared away on their Nazi-cycles.


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